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Seeds of Possibility

Offering an education that is a positive, empowering and enjoyable experience.

About Jess

I’m Jess – teacher, tutor, and mum to one gorgeous boy, Finn. I live in a small market town near the Malvern Hills with my husband (and business partner), son and our lovely loyal dog, Harry. When I’m not teaching, I love to be outside in nature, exploring and losing track of time.

Despite being known as a teacher, I consider myself a lifelong learner. I was one of those children for whom school never really felt like a chore. I loved researching, writing and the ‘buzz’ of working under pressure. However, I know this isn’t the case for many. And in a fast-paced, performance-driven society, the increasing emphasis on academic success is creating a generation of children who think that this is the only way. When your child doesn’t fit within the constraints of the curriculum, being forced to learn in this way can create resentment, disengagement, and low self-esteem. As parents and educators, we think we need to teach children how to learn, yet we can learn so much from simply watching them!

Having my own child opened my eyes to the world of awe and wonder; that innate desire to learn and to question – sometimes hundreds a day! It took me a little while to realise that, rather than attempt to answer them all, giving my child space to be curious, time to explore and freedom to investigate always resulted in deeper learning and sustained interest. This approach led me to rethink traditional education practices and instead offer a more ‘holistic’ experience.

I’m Jess – teacher, tutor, and mum to one gorgeous boy, Finn.

What are my education philosophies?

I am inspired by play-based learning and the child-centred approach that empowers as well as educates so that children feel heard and valued. 

I am passionate about helping children learn and grow in whatever way works best for them. Working with me, your child will play active role in their education.  Throughout my lessons I use and adapt Dr Seigel’s tools and techniques to foster a positive ‘yes’ brain.

Where did I get the name
Seeds of Possibility?

Maria Montessori explains that the role of the teacher is to guide and facilitate opportunities of interest. Learning should be collaborative and inquiry-based through real-life experiences.

In my lessons, children are encouraged to take risks, learn from mistakes and recognise where they feel challenged. To step outside their comfort zone, children need to trust the possibilities of growth, inspiring the name ‘Seeds of Possibility’.

“When you reach for what feels impossible, you grow into a beautiful version of what is possible.”
― Angie Weiland-Crosby

My Classroom Approach

I love the energy exchange when working alongside students and am lucky enough to still teach two days a week in a lovely local village school with a dedicated staff team, who put children at the heart of everything they do. This means I always stay up to date with an understanding of what is happening in education, such as curriculum changes, new initiatives and trends. I also maintain regular training, including safeguarding in education.

I am proud of the strong, trusting relationships I build with my students through my calm and gentle approach. We celebrate mistakes and get comfortable with challenges through connection. With experience as Geography Coordinator and a passion for all things eco, I relish any opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom and love encouraging children to make connections with the wider world.

Reading a book with a child Creating connections through themed weekly meets, fostering curiosity and promoting a love of reading.

Why is holistic education important to me and how can it help you?

Holistic education considers the ‘whole’ learner.

It is a mindful approach to education, facilitating and nurturing children’s intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional capabilities. This child centred approach focuses on the individual needs of each child developing their skills and confidence to lead learning and overcome hurdles, lasting far beyond their early education into adulthood. Fundamentally, they provide the foundations for life and underpin our ability to adapt and evolve to all that life may throw at us.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is likely that you are worried of history repeating itself, unsure what to do when your child displays resistance to learning or struggles to persevere. Through guided holistic support, you can change the narrative and share an empowered experience of education.

Working Together

In Full Bloom

Personalised 1:1 support through online lessons and planned projects that celebrate and nurture your child’s talents, with opportunities to take risks, grow and lead their learning.

Roots in Reading

Creating connections through themed weekly meets, nurturing a love of reading and learning, where learning takes place around the context of a story or non-fiction focus.

Meadow Mindset

Using growth mindset to develop strategies and techniques for children to explore challenges and find creative answers, promoting confidence, curiosity and resilience.
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