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Helping your child realise their learning potential using growth mindset. Exploring tools and techniques to develop confidence, resilience and raise self esteem.

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Developing a growth mindset

Does your child lack confidence in their abilities and give up when they’re just getting started? Do they tell you they’re not good enough, avoiding the subjects they find the most difficult? Perhaps this creates tension between you both and you are unsure how best to support them.

As parents, it is natural for us to want to help our children when they are having a hard time but often working on the subject itself isn’t enough. We must first address the barriers to learning by looking at how children speak to and view themselves as a learner, providing tools to prevent panic and regulate their emotions, recognising unhelpful associated learning behaviours.

By understanding that their skills and abilities are not fixed, children can become empowered learners. With the right support, over time you will see a transformation in your child. Through nurturing group activities, your child will become more aware of how they feel and confident in the knowledge they can develop their talents in any subject.

Developing a growth mindset lasts far beyond the early education years and is fundamental for overcoming life’s many challenges. The more we practise it, our brain hardwires allowing us space to respond to challenges in the best ways we can, overcoming negative thoughts and noticing the positives.

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“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”

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