Roots In Reading

Creating connections through themed weekly meets. The ultimate monthly book club to foster curiosity and promote a love of reading. Learning creatively takes place around the context of a story or non-fiction focus.

Themed weekly meets

Exploring new topics through shared reading

Does your child love to learn but struggle with the restrictions of adult-led learning? Do they absorb knowledge easily when the subject is of interest and love going on their own tangents – researching, discussing and debating? Perhaps you have a budding historian, nature lover or keen geographer who loves getting lost in the detail. Maybe you find it difficult to answer their many questions as they become engrossed in their passion and want to find out more. If so, then this membership will help you hand over the reins, and let your child lead the way in fun, safe and supportive online group, where learning is facilitated through monthly story genres and non-fiction themes.

Promoting a love of learning and reading for pleasure, each new text inspires children to explore new topics through shared reading. Research shows the shared reading experience provides a rich language learning environment by exposing children to new ways of thinking and new vocabulary they may find difficult to read and access independently. With hands on learning tasks to follow on from each lesson, your child will also enjoy the opportunity to engage in self-study and become the expert of each topic focus.

What is included in your monthly membership:

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

Abraham Maslow


£97 per month

How we can learn and grow together

What to expect when you work with me.

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