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Seeds of Possibility

Education is not a one size fits all

Are you looking for freedom and flexibility to experience education your way?

Perhaps your is child lacking confidence, motivation or enthusiasm when it comes to learning and you’ve tried everything to engage them. You’ve seen the themed Pinterest boards and Instagram posts full of fun educational activities and are feeling the pressure to be the ‘perfect parent’. I’m here to tell you that you already are! But, you don’t need to be their best teacher, and supporting your child with their education doesn’t have to be this hard.

Of course learning should be fun. How we feel affects how we learn. That is why, you can feel safe in the knowledge that together we can design an approach that does work for your child. Whether you are looking for personalised one to one tuition tailored to your child’s needs or a safe and supportive group for your child to contribute creatively, they will not only engage but enjoy learning. Watch them grow in confidence as they become active participants in what they learn and how they learn, figuring out the skills they need to overcome, grow and achieve.

In Full Bloom

Personalised 1:1 support through online lessons and planned projects that celebrate and nurture your child’s talents, with opportunities to take risks, grow and lead their learning.

Roots in Reading

Creating connections through themed weekly meets, nurturing a love of reading and learning, where learning takes place around the context of a story or non-fiction focus.

Meadow Mindset

Using growth mindset to develop strategies and techniques for children to explore challenges and find creative answers, promoting confidence, curiosity and resilience.

How we can learn and grow together

What to expect when you work with me.

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