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Empowering families to find an education that fits: nurturing confidence and boosting self esteem, for children aged 4-14, beyond the classroom.

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It is my mission to offer an education that is positive, empowering and an enjoyable experience providing memorable learning moments and transferable skills for life.

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I am sure you are here because you are a firm believer that education is not a one size fits all. You recognise your child is wonderfully unique but may be worried they are not reaching their full potential, with limited opportunities to explore their strengths and passions. Perhaps you have tried many ways to engage with their learning but don’t know how to best support them to succeed.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves as parents to help our children achieve. If your child feels overwhelmed, stressed or anxious by their learning I’m here to tell you this doesn’t have to become their default. Countless times, I have heard children berate themselves and their abilities, certain they were incapable of succeeding. Through a positive, holistic educational environment, they have gone on to grow and blossom beyond recognition.

Education is so much more than the acquisition of knowledge. Emotions and motivation play a significant part – associating learning with positive emotions accelerates learning, motivates and makes each experience memorable. Learning should – and can be – fun! 

How I will transform your child’s learning

For your child, knowing how they learn, what motivates them and why is fundamental to their lifelong learning.

This is where my role as online teacher, educational advisor and home school support comes in. Unlike many traditional tutors, I provide so much more than just preparing students for their next test.

My approach is holistic, gentle, positive and nurturing. Before any learning takes place, I spend time getting to really know each child – tuning in to their likes, dislikes, proudest achievements, and biggest fears.

Only then can I build on their interests, plan for age-appropriate challenges that cultivate their curiosity and act as a catalyst for future learning.

“When a child is doing something she’s passionately interested in, she grows like a tree – in all directions. This is how children learn, how children grow.“

John Holt

Working and Growing Together


With a realistic view of current education practices and the alternative pedagogies, as well as an in-depth understanding of early child development, I can cater learning specifically to meet the exact needs of your child. Through relaxed and informal discussions with you and your child, I will recommend ways I can support you both, lightening the load, and leaning in to what works for your child.

In Full Bloom

Personalised 1:1 support through interactive online lessons and planned projects that celebrate and nurture your child’s talents, with opportunities to take risks, grow and lead their learning.

Roots in Reading

Creating connections through themed weekly meets, fostering curiosity and promoting a love of reading. Learning creatively takes place around the context of a story or non-fiction focus.

Meadow Mindset

Helping your child realise their learning potential using growth mindset. Exploring tools and techniques to develop confidence, resilience and raise self esteem.

What does Holistic Learning look like?

Through my approach of teaching holistically, the most common feedback I receive is how nurturing the whole child changes how children interact with and approach their learning experience. Children recognise when they are feeling less confident and, instead of giving up, they take a moment to consider the skills and tools they have been equipped with, approaching each task with a ‘can do’ attitude.

When adopting a growth mindset, children learn to see failures as an opportunity to grow and develop. This philosophy doesn’t just help your children with everyday challenges as they are growing up; Being involved in their own learning, with an awareness of the emotions connected to each hurdle becomes a way of thinking that benefits them their whole life, empowering them and building resilience. 

The Benefits of Holistic Education

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